10 years of Excellence

From its initial focus on IT consulting and software development, the success of the Tanta family of companies has allowed for growth in a variety of industries.

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Anzalduas International Bridge and highway


Tanta Innovative Limited

Tanta consolidated limited was founded on 27th Decemeber, 2008 by Abraham Esandayinze Tanta. With focus on IT consulting and software development, as Tanta Innovative Limited.

Tanta Commpunications PLC


Creation of tantel™

Tanta Innovative Limited and its affiliates invented tantel™ to create a more relaiable, fast and affordable communication access to Nigerians. Today, the entity, which is utilizing this investment concept, is known as Tanta Communications PLC, and is managed by Tanta utility Services. Tantel™ is schedule become publicly traded and is currently listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the symbol "TATL."

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