Operations Overview

Tanta Consolidated Limited is a diversified holding company for a privately owned group of entities based in Lagos, Nigeria. The areas of activity of the different Tanta companies include IT consulting and development services, oil and gas exploration and production, refining, travel and hospitality, real estate, investments, ranching and infrastructure.

Information Technology

Founded in 2008, Tanta Innovative Limited is a Nigerian headquartered provider of IT consulting services and custom software development with 40+ IT professionals.

Tanta Innovative Limited

Tanta Innovative Limited

Tanta Innovatives provides custom and platform-based solutions to large and midsized companies in Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom and other industries.

Tanta Phone Protection

Tanta Secure LLC

1 in 5 people will have their phone lost, stolen or damaged this year – 2.2 phones per second. Tanta Secure provides coverage for loss, theft, damage, liquid damage and defects after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Oil and Gas

Tanta has conducted operations worldwide and earned the respect of the industry as an experienced, capable and cost-effective operator.

Tanta Oil Company

Tanta Oil Company is best known as an industry leader in the exploration and production business as well as other energy-related areas. Over time, it has grown to be one of the largest independent oil and gas companies in the world.

Tanta Refining Company

Tanta Refining Company is a petroleum refining and marketing company headquartered in Abuja, Nigerian. Tanta Refining processes international and domestic crude oils and supplies products—diesel, gasoline and asphalt—to the southeastern region of the country and international markets.

Real Estate & Investments

Tanta has been active in the real estate acquisition, ownership and investment business for more than 10 years.

Tanta Estate and Gardens

Tanta Estate and Gardens identifies and invests in unique opportunities unlike typical commodity investments available in all markets. The company's approach to real estate investment is focused in three main areas: direct-owned assets, investments in real estate operating companies and structured finance opportunities.

Tanta Investment Group

Tanta Investment Group, LP is an investment firm seeking to deploy capital with hedge fund managers around the world in a diversified portfolio of various asset classes and strategies that are generally uncorrelated to the activities of other business units within the Tanta family of companies.

Tanta Communications PLC

Tanta Communications Plc

Tanta Communications plc, is a telecommunications company, providing fast, affordable internet services and free voice and sms services.

Tanta Resort and suites

Tanta Hotels offers luxurious 7 Star Hotel experience, private Beach, accormodation, classic resturants, cruise, holiday and tourisim.


Tanta's management company oversees the large-scale land investments of Tanta Consolidated Limited, Tanta Estate and Gardens Limited and Tanta Oil Company.

Tanta Ranching

Tanta Agro Holding

The objective of Tanta Agro Holdings is to improve the value of the company's ranching and agricultural properties. Tanta Agro Holdings, through its ranching and farming operations, raises cattle and horses and produces corn, millet, guinea-corn, citrus, grains, hay and sugar.

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