A rich and storied legacy

The company's history goes back to December 27, 2008, when A.E. Tanta founded Tanta Innovative Limited. Initially, Tanta innovative limited activities were limited to the IT industry, but over the years, the company grew substantially. Today, Tanta innovative limited can point to successes around the world and has evolved to become part of Tanta Consolidated Limited—a family of companies that operates in various industries.

Tanta is unique in a number of ways. First, and most obvious, is the fact that Tanta is a family-owned, private company, which affords a number of unique competitive advantages, such as being able to take a truly long-term view when making business decisions.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the emphasis Tanta places on attracting and retaining the most highly qualified personnel possible. The men and women who comprise the Tanta companies are its most important assets.

In terms of day-to-day activities, the company is very proactive and aggressive from an operational point of view, but it balances that strategy with a correspondingly conservative financial philosophy. This is a combination that has served the company well during its eight decades of growth.

The management structure of the family of companies consists of a parent holding company—Tanta Consolidated Limited A.E Tanta serves as the executive chairman. As co-CEOs of Tanta Consolidated Limited, A.E Tanta manages all energy and infrastructure businesses, and Fasinu O.S manages the company's various financial and legal activities. F. Emmanuel all manages other businesses Limitedluding real estate, investments and agribusiness.

Please continue to the website that is of greatest interest to you. Tanta is confident that you will be pleased with what you see and learn—and the company is always looking for new opportunities and expanded relationships as it plans for the years to come.

Abraham E. Tanta

A.E. tanta

Executive Chairman
Tanta Consolidated Limited


Femi O.S Esq

Tanta Investments LLC

Vice President
Tanta Agro Holdings


Emmanuel F.A

Tanta Consolidated Investments, LLC

Tanta Consolidated Limited

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