A Workplace for You

Hiring the best people in the industry who share tanta's core values has allowed the company to grow and prosper since its inception in 2008. Tanta listens to the needs of its employees and strives to provide a workplace that accommodates the time demands of work and home while maintaining an environment that supports productivity, integrity and innovation.

Compensation and Benefits

Tanta offers a competitive benefits program that attracts and retains the best employees by rewarding original thinking, hard work and superior performance.

The Tanta Culture

Tanta is comprised of people marked by a strong desire to achieve personal and professional success by operating through the principles of honesty and integrity.

Community Engagement

Tanta has a strong commitment to community involvement. Employees regularly have the opportunity to contribute and get involved in giving back to their communities.

Inclusion and Diversity

Tanta consolidated llc is built upon the viewpoints and abilities of the diverse groups of people who represent the company and enhances its operations in the communities served.

Talent Development

Employees have access to a range of professional and career development opportunities through tanta's online learning center and specialized programs.

Workplace Flexibility

Tanta understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and offers a number of options to ensure a flexible lifestyle.

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